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Professional Welcome

Welcome to the professional section of my blog. The blog entries in this section are intended to cover subjects in my primary areas of expertise, particularly accounting and information technology. Design, consulting and business related topics are some of the other areas I have focused on in the past. My resume can be reviewed at to see what projects I have been involved with in these areas.

The categories are not broken down further, but the following are some of subjects of interest in each of the areas that I anticipate discussing.

Taxation, consulting, non-profit

Manufacturing, inventory control

Small business

Financial Planning
Individual financial, retirement, and tax planning

Information Technology
Web development, database development, software, project management

Tax Accounting
Individual and business tax law, preparation, and planning

The efforts in this section will also be focused on identifying solutions in these areas than discussing personal concerns. When I consolidated my blogs into one I decided to leave most of the older log entries of a personal nature in a separate section for now. 

Job Search Myths

I've been a member of the class of unemployed for a month now. During that time I've reminded myself of some of the myths behind job searching and resumes. This is not a comprehensive list; just a few things I've discovered and yes some things I've theo more »

Resume Work

Over a week ago I got my layoff notice at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler. I was one of 60 people selected for that privilege. Today I began the long process of updating my more »


I have heard people use the phrase "just in time" when describing supply or product acquisition. That phrase is actually a business "model" for inventory control or "supply chain management". JIT is one of many more »

Effective Meetings

Last month I relayed a recent experience with some meetings in a blog entry entitled Meetings 101. As I suspected that title has been used before in a more practica more »

Meetings 101

A meeting today sent me abruptly back to Dilbert's World. Much earlier in my career I was impressed by one company that considered me for a job and actually had a group interview. I believe there were three people as more »

What's up Doc

I visited a new family practice physician earlier in the week and found the trip to be well interesting. This is not going to be a recommendation in either direction but some thoughts you might consider. I can't make recommendations because I didn't more »


I've written about Job Search Issues before and ideas about using information technology to improve business. Two weeks ago I got another reminder of how inadeq more »