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Professional Welcome

Welcome to the professional section of my blog. The blog entries in this section are intended to cover subjects in my primary areas of expertise, particularly accounting and information technology. Design, consulting and business related topics are some of the other areas I have focused on in the past. My resume can be reviewed at to see what projects I have been involved with in these areas.

The categories are not broken down further, but the following are some of subjects of interest in each of the areas that I anticipate discussing.

Taxation, consulting, non-profit

Manufacturing, inventory control

Small business

Financial Planning
Individual financial, retirement, and tax planning

Information Technology
Web development, database development, software, project management

Tax Accounting
Individual and business tax law, preparation, and planning

The efforts in this section will also be focused on identifying solutions in these areas than discussing personal concerns. When I consolidated my blogs into one I decided to leave most of the older log entries of a personal nature in a separate section for now. 

We Bought Software

In a town hall meeting at work yesterday there was a big announcement "We bought software". I don't even remember what it was for but it did have a special purpose. As I listened to the announcement of all the big plans I grinned. I find those kinds o more »

Dumber than Dirt

This month's Mensa newsletter includes an article by Mark Morford SF Gate Columnist where he writes about AMERICAN KIDS DUMBER THAN DIRT? wit more »

The Dvorak keyboard

I first learned to type almost 40 years ago. Now I'm learning all over. I started learning the Dvorak keyboard layout almost a month ago. With exercises I can type 20-30 words a minute. When I'm thinking and wr more »

Job Search Issues

A job search is difficult enough without having to deal with a number of unnecessary issues. Preparing resumes cover letter and portfolios can be quite time-consuming. Then when you are applying for a job at a particular company you have to write (legib more »


A week after the Microsoft Launch of Windows Vista and I can only remember a couple of the new features on the latest PC OS. I did take notes though. When speaking of operating systems most users even power u more »

Vista meta data

I'm still musing over all of my Launch notes but since I only have a few minutes I thought I would start with a side note. Among the handful of neat/new things about Vista one of the best ideas presented in the Vista launch is the more »

Access Cardfile

A few days ago I looked at a cardfile program and verbally wondered if it could be done in Access. Well yes and it's rather simple. Here's the steps I followed. 1. C more »