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Professional Welcome

Welcome to the professional section of my blog. The blog entries in this section are intended to cover subjects in my primary areas of expertise, particularly accounting and information technology. Design, consulting and business related topics are some of the other areas I have focused on in the past. My resume can be reviewed at to see what projects I have been involved with in these areas.

The categories are not broken down further, but the following are some of subjects of interest in each of the areas that I anticipate discussing.

Taxation, consulting, non-profit

Manufacturing, inventory control

Small business

Financial Planning
Individual financial, retirement, and tax planning

Information Technology
Web development, database development, software, project management

Tax Accounting
Individual and business tax law, preparation, and planning

The efforts in this section will also be focused on identifying solutions in these areas than discussing personal concerns. When I consolidated my blogs into one I decided to leave most of the older log entries of a personal nature in a separate section for now. 

Stiff Competition

I've watched the computer business since its early beginnings in the early 1980's and computer values are at a peak. In the last few months I've enjoyed numerous betas trials some freebie software from giants like Microsoft and Adobe. And now in Dall more »

Computer Compatibility

The one area where incompatibility is a reality is in computers. Computer manufacturers and software developers build computers to be incompatible. Maybe not always intentionally but they often have no intention of designing a system to be compatible wit more »

Look at them all

In a Microsoft Windows world there's a wealth of options to choose from for software. In our Internet world there's also an ocean of free software you can use for surfing messaging and searching the waves of the information superhighway. more »

Staff Meeting Games

In our locality we subscribe to the weekend edition of the local news. That gives us Friday Saturday and Sunday issues. The highlight of the weekend is in the Sunday comics. That's the only section I read faithfully and the comic that I'm most likely t more »

The Stock Market and Christians

Years ago the stock market was something for the wealthy to invest in. Today with much of American business going "public" most everyone has some kind of investment in the stock market. At every turn there's a philosophy about how to play the stock ma more »

Fist in a Bucket

I don't really remember when but at one of my places of employment I must have been contemplating some job change or something. When it became known I was given this advice. Put your fist in a bucket of wa more »

Walking Softly

There is a west African proverb that goes thus "Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far." You may remember a similar saying from one of our presidents. Theodore Roosevelt liked using this phrase and was recording as first quoting it more »