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Professional Welcome

Welcome to the professional section of my blog. The blog entries in this section are intended to cover subjects in my primary areas of expertise, particularly accounting and information technology. Design, consulting and business related topics are some of the other areas I have focused on in the past. My resume can be reviewed at to see what projects I have been involved with in these areas.

The categories are not broken down further, but the following are some of subjects of interest in each of the areas that I anticipate discussing.

Taxation, consulting, non-profit

Manufacturing, inventory control

Small business

Financial Planning
Individual financial, retirement, and tax planning

Information Technology
Web development, database development, software, project management

Tax Accounting
Individual and business tax law, preparation, and planning

The efforts in this section will also be focused on identifying solutions in these areas than discussing personal concerns. When I consolidated my blogs into one I decided to leave most of the older log entries of a personal nature in a separate section for now. 


Several years ago there was a phenomenon in the business world called technophobia. While computer technology was advancing many businesses and people delayed buying computers or peripherals because they knew the price would soon be going down or new te more »

Nino and Gigo (from IT 101)

Nino and Gigo are a couple of concepts in Information Technology that often seem to be ignored. Nino is "nothing in nothing out" and his famous cousin Gigo is "garbage in garbage out". The field of IT is const more »

Gift Cards

We watched the telly over thanksgiving and Christmas commercials were all over. This year McDonald's is going strong with the promo of their gift card the Arch card. It's hard to find a company that doesn't offer some kind of gift card or a shopper that more »


A week or so ago I called a company (Presstek) and asked them to send me some prices for some of the equipment they sold. Today I got a letter brochure and note to call if I needed more information. Still no prices. For some odd reason many companies do more »

Spreadsheet Mania

One of the things that always baffles me at work is the amount of time that is spent entering and re-entering data into the computer to create a report. The way that reports are generally formatted the data in them aren't generally re-useable without bei more »

What you know

This subject is probably too complex for the time and space I have for today's entry but this may be some food for thought. When I started to write on this subject I remembered some things I composed ten years ago... more »


You go into work on a monday and your boss is in a bad mood. You have a few cross words and he decides you need to be on your own. After a few weeks at home of trying to figure out a 7-letter meaning irritable and solving the daily Sudoku you decide to more »