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Survival Mode

Abundant Life. What does it mean? Most people live in survival mode. They have a lifestyle that controls them in so much that their decisions in life are made to preserve their lifestyle. more »

Eating Your Cake

In the movie Rain Man when Raymond was asked if he wanted to stay with his brother Charlie or go back and live at the home he decisively insisted that he wanted to live with Charlie at the home. They asked him several times and got the same answer. Thou more »


"How much allowance do you get?" What? You mean how much money do I give my kids?" No. Don't you get an allowance?" You don't hear much about grown men and women gett more »

Confidentiality in Business

A Cloak for Corruption more »

Ads by Google

When Google first started their pay per click ad support it was somewhat unintrusive. After a few years the madness has set in. The internet and our access to it (pop-ups) is now as cluttered by advertising as our radio stations televisions phone line more »

Philosophy Driven Business

With all the emphasis today on corporate Mission Statements and the philosophies that are supposed to be guiding an organization many have lost site of the basics of business development and management. Instea more »


Several years ago there was a phenomenon in the business world called technophobia. While computer technology was advancing many businesses and people delayed buying computers or peripherals because they knew the price would soon be going down or new te more »
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