Except for the annual mention of Pearl Harbor in the newspaper much of Pearl Harbor is now forgotten. It's not that people don't remember that December 7 is Pearl Harbor day but the masses have apparently forgotten the significance of the day and the importance of our way of life. We as a nation are so consumed with our own personal interests that we don't think about the things that make them possible.

In our last election we saw a wave of people calling for an end to our participation in Iraq. These are the kinds of people that have really forgotten September 11. That's not to say that we will be ending the war but that we will be less committed. It is probably true that corruption and mismanagement are a problem but we can't ignore the significance of our participation in this effort to preserve freedom and peace for others and for our nation.

If we did abandon the war it's probably true that we can see peace for a short time. But only for a short time. The people that attacked the twin towers still despise our way of life. If we abandon our allies in the war the people that want to control the middle east will see more success and gain more strength. If we fail to do what was done in response to Pearl Harbor it will only be a matter of time before we have something else to remember. And it won't be V-I day.

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