Republican Party Census Document

I've received this document on several occasions and each time I have the same emotional impulse to tear the thing up and an opposing emotional impulse to make some notes on it and send it back to them. They pay the postage. This has been commented on elsewhere on the web. Much of the response has been to the presumptive questions on the survey so I won't rehash that. The highpoint/lowpoint of the letter was the final question and request for support. The options given include

Yes I support the RNC and am enclosing ... Yes I support the RNC but I am unable to participate ... have enclosed $11 to cover the cost of tabulating my survey. No I favor electing liberal Democrats over the next ten years.
Aside from the fact that $11 to tabulate a survey sounds phony at worst wasteful at best the RNC is saying that if I don't return at least $11 I'm supporting liberal Democrats. I'm pretty much 95% conservative but I may never give to the Republican party.

Part has to do with this wasteful campaign to raise money for this type of underhand tactics. I don't like being insulted. It may be SOP for politics but its not for me. An equal or better part has to do with the leadership of the party and its behind the scenes support for liberal philosophies in an effort to get a good word from homosexuals environmentalists and the like. They are not listening to their party and this letter is just another proof of that fact.

The reason so many people have idolized Ronald Reagan is that we haven't had anything like it since. Every republican president since then has pandered to the left. We now have a candidate that is so far to the left that more than half of the republican party doesn't think he is conservative enough. To make things worse the Democrat candidates are pushing liberal to a new limit.

McCain has the support of some conservatives of select issues but I don't think that will get it.

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