Say the Prayer

If you have ever heard Billy Graham preach you have heard "the prayer". Sometime following the reformation evangelists and churches have adopted the use of a prayer that sinners can say in order to be saved. In fact as you search the Bible you will find that salvation doesn't require any prayer at all. The use of a prayer is merely staging of an event.

What you say will not save you. True it is written that "out of the mouth you speak what's in your heart" but that presumes that you are speaking from your heart and not reciting a universal belief system. Most of these evangelists will agree that it is not the prayer that saves. But they do not see or will not acknowledge the dangers of selling an easy salvation experience that is complete with prayer and a collection of verses that provide a guarantee of salvation much like the guarantees you might find on the latest electronic marvel.

How many people have recited the prayer or made some other outward profession of faith without really understanding the impact of salvation on their lives. They just know that they don't want to go to hell. Matthew 7:21-23 points out that there will be many who thought they were Christians and even Christian leaders whom Jesus will turn away. They did all the outward things but failed to recognize the importance of doing what God really wanted.

Modern churches have replaced teaching with concepts and systems that extend the gospel to include a "profession of faith" "walking the aisle" and the "sinner's prayer". The terminology has been developed over decades but it is designed solely for the church to look religious genuine. It's a lot like the traditions of the Pharisees or the rituals of the Roman church. It's not Latin but it can be just as intimidating. These things don't negate the gospel but they do create a fog that enables them to make a quicker sale.

Phrases such as "This is your last chance walk down that aisle or "say the sinners prayer" suggest that this is the only way you can be saved. Aside from applying pseudo-conviction this type of exhibition salvation only serves to demonstrate the effectiveness of the church. It is salesmanship merchandising.

?Ç£He [Jesus] had made a whip of cords He drove them all out of the temple . . . poured out the changers?ÇÖ money and overturned the tables . . . Do not make My Father?ÇÖs house a house of merchandise!?Ç¥ (John 2:15-16)

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