A young country boy was confronted by his parents after he returned home from church. In an effort to determine if the boy had indeed gone to church they questioned him about other people there. After he confidently assuring them about all he responded they finally asked him what the preacher spoke on. He quickly answered "Sin." They then asked him what he said about sin. In his final response he simply said "He was again' it."

In the many times I've attended Baptist and other churches I could have said the same thing. Many churches pastors and evangelists have a single theme that they speak on. In fact whole denominations could be said to operate with a single predominate theme "sin and salvation."

I'm not saying that is not a justified topic. Salvation from sin and its penalties is possibly the foundation of the Christian faith but it is often the only message repeated each week with different passages different illustrations. One of the reasons this message has been so important in many churches is because that is how they get new members and new revenue.

The church is predominantly made up of saved people Christians. Salvation is a prerequisite to becoming a member of the church. Consequently all of the current members are missing out on the message they are supposed to be getting. The scriptural message to the church is essentially a message that builds up encourages and provides resources for spiritual growth.

Sin" isn't the only "one trick pony" in the church. In other denominations it may be "spiritual gifts" or faith or "baptism in the Holy Spirit" or ministry to others or worship or evangelism. We will never enjoy the richness of the gospel and our life as believers if we continue to focus on a single aspect of it. Even worse God will not be able to fully use us if we aren't open to knowing His will and doing whatever he directs.

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