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I was quite content to use my name as the name of the my blog but with people asking what my blog is called I guess I need a name.

Writers of fiction and poetry occasionally have episodes of writer's block when they are working on a novel. Those are books but that may describe my predicament as well as I anticipate what these writings should be referred to.

There are a few stores that still go by their founder's name like Sears and Penneys but Bells just doesn't have a nice ring to it. It just seems a little cheezy whatever that really means.

Something like Ramblings Thoughts or even the subtitle "Yet Another Blog" are somewhat vague. Those may be terms that have been declared "overused".

What about one of these?

  • The (or My) Open Book
  • Serious sassy and suspicious
  • The Truth About...
  • Sociopoliticoeconomoecclesiasticopersonal
  • The Lookout

Of course I am being lighthearted here. I really need to analyze the purpose and goal of the site and come up with something that's appropriate. That's the professional way. But then today's not a workday. It's Thanksgiving.

Have a happy one.


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