Much of the world lives on generalization. If more of a group does a certain thing we say they all do. Or we say "much of the world" is that way. :)

I'm not too sure how true it is but much of the media has portrayed women as being disinterested and ill-informed about sports like football. At the same time I see many women with an interest in sports and a knowledge (and opinion) of the stats of the game.

While I was visiting with relatives my neice was wondering why a football game wasn't on while my brother-in-law was casually interested. She was a Cowboys fan and knew all about the players why they were winning and all that.

A few years ago I was in a donut shop and a lady in her 50's or 60's started a conversation about sports while the two men in the building quickly showed their ignorance and lack of interest. She soon voiced her disconcerted opinion "I don't know how people can live without [sports]".

When I first moved to Tyler Texas I got to know another lady that tracked the Cowboys (on a bulletin board inside the restaurant) and was emotionally disturbed when they lost a game. During football season I also hear another lady Lauren on KWRD reading from her sports journal picking the teams to win and showing that she knows the game.

I don't dislike sports. I could quickly become interested in knowing all about all the teams in a sport their performance and the things behind them but I already have so many other interests there isn't time. Life is competitive from the beginning and sports of any kind is addicting and there are risk factors for both sexes.

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