Spreadsheet Mania

One of the things that always baffles me at work is the amount of time that is spent entering and re-entering data into the computer to create a report. The way that reports are generally formatted the data in them aren't generally re-useable without being reformatted. So when the report is done and a related report is needed some of those numbers are copied to the new report.

Not too long ago the spreadsheet was the exception. Visicalc and 1-2-3 was a little more complicated and a little more intimidating. In the present anything that resembles a report or that has columnar data is put into Excel.

Before spreadsheets became so popular the database was the standard practice in many operations. At least with the database any number of reports could be generated without having to re-enter all the numbers again.

Business (in a general sense) has in many ways abandoned IT expertise and has attempted to delegate a lot of the number crunching to the clerical staff. They think they don't need database specialists and instead rely on the secretary with a minimum of training. They think after all any staff member can put the information in the neatly arranged square boxes. In their world IT handles all the computers printers networking and the like.

What they apparently don't realize is that one database report can be printed out every week without having to type all the numbers in again. Not only does that one report live on but the database can be used to create reports with all kinds of useful information.

This is one example of the difference between a struggling and a successful business. The way a business handles information will largely determine how efficient they are and how effective they can be in operating their business. While many businesses use SQL databases to maintain some major number-crunching operations the spreadsheet report lives on in many offices.

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