Stiff Competition

I've watched the computer business since its early beginnings in the early 1980's and computer values are at a peak. In the last few months I've enjoyed numerous betas trials some freebie software from giants like Microsoft and Adobe. And now in Dallas the day after tomorrow Microsoft will be dishing out free copies of Office 2007 at a Microsoft Launch to get people to start using it.

Commercial software companies are doing their best to compete with the ever expanding range of software solutions available at little cost. With two fairly successful versions of Microsoft Windows Microsoft is now having a hard time trying to sell Windows upgrades. With Linux being prominent as Internet servers more power users are turning to that platform and Microsoft is feeling some of the heat. That's not to say Microsoft Adobe or any other major supplier is hurting. What is hurting is their need to hike or keep prices high enough to make the profits they need and those high prices are turning even more heads.

With knowledgeable users having so many options computer retailers are having to target two groups at opposite ends of the spectrum with the corporate structure and their demands for servers server software and bulk PCs at one end. On the other end are people that don't know anything about a computer. Ironically in many cases that may also describe the corporate types as well. In the eyes of these suppliers ignorance is a valued characteristic.

But then I'm something of a software junkie so I'll be getting my copy of Office 2007. And yes I'll be grateful. Well maybe thankful would be a better word. I don't need it but I like to see how things work.

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