Student Terrorist

I may be going back to college in the fall. I have the draft of a degree plan and registration is in process for UT Tyler. Considering my field my attendance may become a terror to the university. I'm not talking about violence or even about my opinionated comments here or elsewhere. Rather by attending classes I may be a terror to the faculty and staff depending on the individuals in question.

My attendance in the past in computer science mathematics and accounting has intimidated a number of people. In my first course one of the student was frustrated with the subject matter and the instructor tried to reassure her indicating that I had taken a number of classes prior to that when in fact I hadn't. In other classes the professor and I were in a race to see who could learn the subject first. In one the instructor made the mistake of assuming that Lotus 1-2-3 and Visicalc were essentially the same. Big mistake. He would say you couldn't do that; I would show them HOW to do it.

I've upset a number of instructors by demonstrating their ignorance with my comments and questions and by being the person other students came to with their questions. It wasn't really intentional but I was unapologetic. If they are going to assign a teacher to a class based solely on the fact that he/she has a BS or MS and that person doesn't know the subject they should be prepared to learn it and fast. If I don't already know the subject then I'm going to do my best to master it while I'm there. Either way he better be prepared. I'll go to him first.

There was one case where the instructor later consulted me about something I taught him and that he wanted to share with the class but most professors (and I'm sure UTT's PhDs will be that way) have a complex. (Identity crisis with delusions of grandeur?)

Now if I could I would test out of the courses that I knew but if they want to play school I'm up for it. And I don't intend to show any mercy. Any opinionated comments on the matter will just be bonuses.

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