Sunday Morning

There are a lot of Christian traditions that the modern church has inherited that have been altered through history. One of our traditions Good Friday comes from a polluted view of the actual history of Christ's death and resurrection. Christ died on a Wednesday followed by: passover a holy day after passover and the sabbath. That was three days and three nights.

Then although Jesus replaced the Jesus priesthood as the only necessary priest the Roman and other orthodox churches have reinstated a pagan priesthood and the idea that we still need another priest.

Another tradition that has taken over the church is the idea that the early church worshiped on Sunday morning. While true that they traditionally worshiped on the first day of the week days in Jewish culture (and according to Genesis) began with the evening. Sundown Saturday was the first day of the week. Sunday morning they went to work. If we had our weekly worship on Saturday night people might not sleep through it. :)

There are a lot of traditions and concepts that the world just assumes are accurate. One of the most popular concepts the world has about Christianity and the gospel is that good people go to heaven and that the better you are the better chance you have of making it. The fact is nobody can be good enough. That's why Jesus died on the cross punishment for our sins. What we think of as heaven is reserved for those who put their trust in Jesus and follow him.

Whether you recognize Good Friday or Good Wednesday or worship on Saturday night or Sunday morning is really insignificant. The truth of the message of the gospel however is crucial.

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