Texas Dictatorship

While the Texas legislature was considering a bill to vaccinate school girls for certain viruses our governor stepped in and issued an executive order making it law without lawmaker consideration. Our state our nation our localites and our world is increasingly moving toward dictatorships and socialist forms of government. The United States is doing that in large measure by simply ignoring laws lawmakers and citizens or by stretching their legal limits. In response our legislatures are taking a policy of appeasement when it comes to such power-grabbing.

In this country the court system took the lead in its rulings on such things as abortion busing and other issues. While legislatures had the ability to remove many of these people from the bench they sat it out and continue to do so. They may insist that there is nothing we can do when in fact it's only an issue of not having the courage to confront.

City governments such as ours pass laws that prohibit us to have our trash cans next to the curb except for the time frame when trash collection runs. Then they repeatedly publicize it warning that it is the "law". A law in my opinion that reflects the lawlessness in our government. When people hear of it they forget that we are supposedly a government of the people or look at it as something not worth addressing.

Much of our metropolitan government count on appeasement to get into power. They only offer token efforts for involvement. In fact much of our local elections are held at a time when we are most involved in other things not in November when most state and national elections are held and when the most people vote. This arrangement along with "societies" such as control our overpriced public school systems insures that those systems perpetuate the corruption.

Puissance and appeasement is the most effective means of bringing about anarchy in the world. We saw it in the early 1940's worldwide. We see it today. Our ignorance is the fertilizer that makes it grow.

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