The Blog Consolidation

Having posted blog entries all across the web in the past decade, I've decided to consolidate them here. Putting all of my material in a single site will make managing it much simpler. Future entries posted on other sites will be duplicated here.

Database Migration

I spent the last day or so, migrating the blog entries from a previous version of b2evolution. It was not a seemless migration as I had to do a considerable amount of SQL manipulation to get the entries into the new database format. On the positive side, I got a good look at the new database format and some of the php code used in this version. I believe the last version was 1.8 or so, dating close to 2005.

Someday, I'm sure I'll blog about the process involved in migrating the data to the new database. In my experience with other systems, developers generally don't attempt to migrate or adapt old data to the new system. Indeed, it is a bit more time-consuming. Migrating data from a Wordpress site to Drupal took weeks, and from one version of this software to another a day or two, but my belief is that data should be as portable as possible. Throwing old data away doesn't make sense to me.


One of the encouraging things about this project is the maturity of the blog software I've been using. B2Evolution is much more mature than when I first started using it. Not only does it have blog entries, but there are also page entries, blog category introductions, and a wealth of tools to manage the database. It is not one of the top choices for blogs or cms, but it is well done. Because it is a little less known, it may not be as big of a target of internet hackers.

Web Organization

This is part of my organization for job research and presenting my qualifications to employers. Unfortunately, I'm not able to force others to review my resume from a single location because the various job sites want you to put your resume on their site. Still, I'll make an effort to keep everything synchronized. However, I will try to make my personal resume site the master file for all the variations I'll have to come up with.

This consolidation is only one step in a process. Other steps I'm considering are moving that resume and my personal home page to, as well as developing a plan for what email addresses I'll use and for what.


One of the problems with consolidating multiple blogs is the recategorization of blog entries. In trying to present all entries. As time permits, I review past entries to see if they would be better categorized. The primary concern is not so much the categories as it is the segregation of professional type entries from personal rambling.

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