The Collector

I confess. Although I may seem normal I really am a obsessive glutton in several ways. I'm a pack rat and a collector of many things it seems. For one I have several chess sets stashed away in the garage in case I might need them or someone else might. I have several hundred disc golf discs in there too from a business I had several years ago. I also have tournament records from several years ago well preserved. If I haven't I probably will say something about our bell collection in one of these entries and maybe some pictures of some of them. Oh yes pictures everyone collects photos.

You may also know a little about my book collecting from a previous entry about a book fair but that fixation isn't so bad. I visited a lady whose two-story house was filled with books with shelves two deep in some places. Computers yea there's probably 8-10 in the house (not all of them complete systems though) but I'm using almost half of them. I also "collect" words but any Scrabble player will do that. It would be neat to have a collection of all the Scrabble dictionaries though.

Fortunately I'm a really organized person and the computer helps with my collections... or not. At one time I collected shareware programs and now it seems I have a good collection of software. Then today I got another fontpack to add to my collection of fonts. I wouldn't know how many there are since I have duplicates of many of them but 20 000 sounds like a good round number. And email? Yes I have a sophisticated system to organize the 100 000 or so emails I have. I'm on several mailing lists so I get 300 new ones each day. Often I don't even get to read them all.

I am trying to work on my obsessions with collecting stuff. I got 22 spam email messages today and deleted them all. I don't collect spam. ...But then that would be a unique collection wouldn't it?

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