The Political Fulcrum

Don't Vote!

Every year you hear candidates and organizations plea for you to go vote or that it's your duty. You'll hear that from the conservative Free Market Foundation and the liberal League of Women Voters. My advice might be to stay home and watch something on your telly. If the candidates or their issues aren't important to you don't mess with them. If you don't have a real interest in the elections you don't need to be there. Don't be a fly in the ointment.

When some of the first election laws were made I suspect this was the reasoning behind only allowing men and in some cases property owners to vote. They had an interest and they were kept informed. No I'm not racist sexist or whatever they call it to discriminate on the basis of wealth but I do discriminate on the basis of knowledge. If you don't know what you are doing stay home.

You've heard about the claims that our nation is divided with the last presidential election vote almost split down the middle. The reality is that the politicians create that seemed division. The parties align themselves on either end of a political fulcrum and work to move enough of the extra weight to their side.

That's not to say there aren't major differences between the parties at the voter's level. Both parties have platforms with a few of the key issues clearly defined. The problem is that many voters don't really understand these basic issues much less the less popular issues. If their party is in favor of it however they will be. That kind of ignorance of the issues and the nature of politics and politicians is the very reason we are continually moving toward a socialist form of government.

Then there are those that vote just because they want a change. That kind of irrational passion is what brings dictators and communist governments to power. Your vote could be affirming that the government is moving in the right direction and consenting to the laws that create chaos and corruption in government and business.

No I'm not really saying people shouldn't have the freedom to vote or that not voting will lead to greater freedom. What I am saying is that you need to get and stay informed. That's your duty! If it's an issue that matters to you be vocal about it. There's no room for ignorance and passivity in our election process.

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