I found an interesting-slash-entertaining site today. Actually it wasn't today it was in a timewarp that came out in 2056 or so. The news item on predicted grave circumstances due to the shortage of sunlight or sunlight energy. While that may be a bit far-fetched it's obvious that humans are not learning a lesson. Humans and particularly North Americans are still not living independently; they are dependent on foreign oil. Foreign oil is just the current crisis.

We are developing dependencies on all sorts of things things that we can't afford otherwise. Our dependences now include foreign goods and services. Much of America is addicted to Wal-mart and we'll soon find out that Always Low Prices is just a slogan. Much of our workforce the actual workers are now illegel aliens from Mexico and elsewhere. We've invested our life savings in a stock market that depends on world peace and prosperity. What will Americans do when cell-phone companies merge and raise rates beyond affordability? Yes there is an epidemic of co-dependency both materially and emotionally.

While radical thought has enslaved the middle east indulgence has just as firm a grip on this society. What will I do? I hope I can remember that with food clothes and shelter I should be content. Yes that's the bottom of our needs pyramid but I'll bet there are many people that are so far up the pyramid they are afraid to look down.

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