The Undo Age

The age in which we live is often described by what we are predominately doing at the time. For example there was the Industrial age of the previous century the Space Age that is continuing into the 21st century and now we are in the Computer Age.

Along with that we are also in an age that might be best summarized as the Undo Age. It has its roots of course in the use of the Undo button on most every software program we use today. But that's not just in computers. We live with an Undo attitude. If we make a mistake we ask for a "do over". At the speed at which we act and react we often find ourselves starting over. Just throw away whatever we've made and start over on a new improved version. We even do that with jobs marriages and lives. We don't look for things that will last; we want the quick and easy whether it's a product a relationship or a responsibility.

The Undo can help us to refine and perfect something a digital photograph a musical composition or a dozen other things but to most it's just an easy escape and nothing gets perfected. Unfortunately our control over our circumstances can often be misleading. We think we can live life carefree without consequences. We think we can rewind life as easy as we rewind tapes. We don't think of the damage that has been done. We don't see it until it's too late for an Undo.

There is one Undo that you should never overlook. Jesus allows us to Undo our life of rebellion to God and start a new one of faith in Jesus. It's not a careless Undo it has to be one that results in a commitment to doing God's will in our life. It's the ultimate Undo.

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