Scrabble Word Lists

When I worked on my system and got the sound working I promptly went to ISC and played (and won) a game of Scrabble. Without sound it was easy to overlook when the opponent made a move and was waiting on you. Even though I won I really wished I knew more of the new words. Tonight I did some research on the word lists.

When I played last year (2005 actually) I had made several custom lists in booklet form and I need to update them all with the new word list. What I needed was a wordlist in text format. I did a web search using the words "word list OWL2" on Yahoo and found the lists I needed and several other useful sites.

ISC has a page with links to text file lists including one for the whole list they call the Tournament Word List 2006.

Mike Wolfberg's Scrabble Page has several lists including a Word doc with all the threes on one page.

The Seattle Club has several lists for learning the new words. Verbalobe is another site.

There are some sites that still have the old list. When you look look for OWL2 or TWL06 lists. OSPD4 is the amateur/family version without the offensive words. I believe that's the one the Championship uses. ?-)

OSPD PolyOrths may also be interesting. When you learn a word you might as well learn the whole family.

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