What's in a name? Or a title? Today I was considering how amusing it is that a person's title is so often not characteristic of what he does. My work title for example is Offset Press Operator although I spend most of my time doing things other than operating offset presses. I troubleshoot computers finances do computer programming organize stuff make construction layouts and plan projects.

Institutions go through phases every few decades when naming their leadership with titles from headmaster dean VP director. Likewise the different areas go by different titles. There are departments then schools then colleges. In others their name is often preceded by the word Center as if it were a central office for whatever ology they practice.

Then of course there are the "I'm better than you titles" that are common in orthodox churches. There's the plain reverend (though they don't use the term plain) the holy reverend or the right reverend and the most holy reverend. If you are a Mason then you know what I'm talking about when I refer to the Grand Master or the Worshipful Master. Shriners know what a potentate is.

I'm not saying these people don't deserve these titles. To earn the title of doctor (M.D.) you have to go through a lot of school. Titles can reflect what you do and how proficient you are at it. But just as easily many titles are not representative. Many are simply that titles having little to do with what you do.

There is only one person that I'm certain lives up to the titles assigned to Him. Some of those titles are Prince of Peace Holy One Messiah son of God High Priest Shepherd Savior Yeshua Jesus.

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