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In the past few weeks I've found job searching to be quite interesting. The most interesting thing is how everyone wants you to apply on-line although very few companies have an adequate on-line system.

UT Tyler uses the UT System based system at UT Austin. The most interesting thing is that UTT posts the openings on their website and each has a link to a UTA page with a list of UTT openings. Here's the trick. The UTT page isn't kept up to date so it has a long list of openings but the UTA page only shows a few of them the ones that are really open I presume.

I've mentioned Trinity Mother Frances before and won't rehash those comments. They use the healthcaresource.com site. A couple weeks ago I applied for a job through the site and got a message that I had already applied for the job. I used a different email address and applied "again". Earlier this week I got an automated message that there was a new opening that job that I had applied for. The problem was the requisition number was used on two different jobs.

Then there's the ETMC site. On there some of the job information is entered incorrectly and the opening becomes hidden. Instead of the job being in TYLER there is one in TYELR. In addition most of the jobs I've reviewed don't have a job description. For details they have No further details availiable [sic].

With some companies there are jobs that are advertised but when you get to the site it's not there. This has happened on a number or occasions with Brookshire's. And you can't apply for a job if there isn't an opening. That may be one of the problems with much of big business trying to find staff to fit a mold. It just might be easier to find a good employee and assign responsibilities based on their skill set. After all the one thing a company depends on for survival is good employee(s).

On-line applications are great for company and applicant but they have a problem with coordinating HR and the on-line system. One issue is developing an adequate system. An equally deficient problem is presenting are getting complete and accurate information about the job and the applicant. They don't present the information for you to complete a intelligent application and they don't have a system that collects information for them to make an intelligent decision. With the emphasis on cost-saving companies are sacrificing quality and efficiency. Without accurate information it becomes a slow and costly process.

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