Volunteer Tax Assistance Resources

During tax season each year I occasionally come across issues that I need to research or verify. That's when I think a complete list of resources would be handy. I've started developing such a list and am making Volunteer Tax Assistance Resources available on-line. The page is at http://www.tylerhosting.com/voltax/. This is a collection of resources I've developed to assist me and others with our volunteer work at VITA and AARP Foundation Tax-Aide programs and includes 

  • Links to IRS publications, forms, and instructions
  • List of tax documents and where to enter in TaxWise
  • List of items and where to enter in TaxWise
  • Other Items

The layout of the boxes may not be that pretty on a desktop right now but on a cellphone the boxes appear in a single column. If you use a separate browser window for this page you can also resize it so that boxes appear in a single column and position it to one side of the screen for quick reference. Most items will open in a separate window or tab. You will note that the publications and resources are generally developed by IRS and others, so I can't guarantee they will be there when you use it.


This list also has a filter. By entering a number or phrase in the Filter box, you can show only those items with that item being referenced within each category. It's not an intelligent filter, so you will have to try different phrases, forms, subjects to get the items you want. Maybe I can modify that some...

TaxWise Finale

The TaxWise references there will be of limited use since next year VITA/TCE will use TaxSlayer. If I decide to update this next year I'll have the list of items and will only have to update it with the TaxSlayer locations and steps.

EA (SEE) Exam Prep

Although this is primarily for volunteers, the list of publications may be useful in studying for the EA exam (at least the Individual section). Instead of taking a prep course, my preparation for the EA exam consisted of reading all the relevant IRS publications. The IRS actually had such a list of publications to study for the SEE, but it was abandoned a few years ago. Maybe I can use this list as a launching point for an updated list. 

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