What you know

This subject is probably too complex for the time and space I have for today's entry but this may be some food for thought. When I started to write on this subject I remembered some things I composed ten years ago...

With the advancement in technology and the economy of mass produced computer software and hardware one might think it easy to develop publications monitor business information and maintain the support systems necessary for survival in any unsure economy. NOT so.

the advancements in technology have only made these goals possible and reachable. The economy of mass produced software and hardware have made it easier for people with the skills to use the tools. On the other hand the sophisticated nature of much of today's software has made it necessary for businesses to find people that have the skills. Ten years later we are at a point where even more so it's not what you have but what you know. Not only is software cheaper open source software (and source code) is in many cases freely available. But this isn't about free stuff; or even cheap stuff. It's that the tools are readily available to those who know how to use them. They are no longer limited to the big companies.

The downside is that the tools are also available to bums that do shoddy work and pass it off to the technically uninformed or intellectually challenged as professional. That's salesmaship. Another day another blog entry.

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