On Music

Not my music I've been questioned about my musical tastes on many occasions. Although I am well past 40, I enjoy much of the music of more recent generations.   One person earlier in the year was quite surprised that I liked listening to Saliva's "Cl… more »

The Blog Consolidation

Having posted blog entries all across the web in the past decade, I've decided to consolidate them here. Putting all of my material in a single site will make managing it much simpler. Future entries posted on other sites will be duplicated here. This… more »

The Research Review Method

For my first CPA exam, I decided to go without one of the review courses. Instead, I am researching the material as a method of preparing for the CPA exam. I'm currently going through REG material and I have found that there is a wide range of material… more »

BLT (business law & tax) in July?

<Posted on cpaexamclub.com> Studying for REG, I've decided that it could best be described as Business Law and Tax (BLT). I've taken individual and entity taxation classes, and a basic Business Law course and that covers practically everything in… more »

The Thing About CMS

In my first year as a student at UT Tyler, I had to write a paper, essentially recommending an improvement for the campus. My paper was about the UT Tyler website, and in the end I suggested that they need to have a content management system. Last year,… more »

Patriot Jobs follow-up

Since the last post on this blog, and the last post on this subject, things have changed. The UT Tyler job site, PatriotJobs now uses software by NACE, which is much less bug-ridden. Still there is less freedom in navigation, and the superfluous natio… more »

Patriot Jobs

In an age that is increasingly replacing in-person services with on-line services there are mixed responses. Some are welcome while others are not so much. One of the biggest problem is the adoption of digital services that do not work correctly. For… more »