An IT Education

Today I completed my third day at University of Texas at Tyler. I am studying Computer Information Systems and have 2 years of classes to complete the degree requirements. Many IT professionals have opinions about the direction that more »


A family member recently sent this zodiac description of my sign and I was amazed at the accuracy of the description. Sure any random commentary on a person's character has a chance at getting a few things right but this... This personality analysis i more »

Newegg and the Brother HL 5250DN

Times must be getting hard and the big guys are having to take drastic measures. Last week I wrote about Lowe's unknown price hike and this week there's Newegg's renege on an advertised price. My last email has all the details. more »

Our365 photos

I came across this help wanted ad in the Tyler Paper today. Our365 has an opening for a strong sales & customer service oriented person to take babies' first more »

Lowe's: Kudos or Warning?

Do you check your register receipt? Last week I decided to use my $25 project discount card at Lowe's to get materials to install new gutters. I made my list checked it twice got the pricing directly from the more »

Where's My Software?

I often work with multiple users on a single computer. When I create a new user or log onto a different user account I may find some of the previously installed software missing. Technically it's not missing; it's just missing from the desktop program more »

The Microsoft Word Spike

One of the most frustrating things for me is to be in a meeting or activity and be inundated with stuff I've already heard before. This is particularly true when it comes to computers and on Sunday morning at church. Similarly it is quite exciting when more »