Where's My Software?

I often work with multiple users on a single computer. When I create a new user or log onto a different user account I may find some of the previously installed software missing. Technically it's not missing; it's just missing from the desktop program more »

The Microsoft Word Spike

One of the most frustrating things for me is to be in a meeting or activity and be inundated with stuff I've already heard before. This is particularly true when it comes to computers and on Sunday morning at church. Similarly it is quite exciting when more »

Garage Sale coming

We will be switching places either this weekend or next. Instead of trying to hit all of the garage sales in Tyler in a single day we will be home all day hosting our own garage sale. And you are invited. It'll be a challenge getting everything together more »

Words and Geeks

There is a blog on ITToolbox that regularly covers an individual's Pet Peeves. When I hear the phrase pet peeve I think of out of the many things that a person dislikes there are a few that are his pet peev more »

Banana Breeze

Something that is really fun for me is to experiment and create new recipes. An element of artistic expression is the combining of colors and textures on a canvas. Cooking goes beyond that to add the flavors and aromas of a dish. The following recipe how more »

Student Terrorist

I may be going back to college in the fall. I have the draft of a degree plan and registration is in process for UT Tyler. Considering my field my attendance may become a terror to the university. I'm not talking ab more »

Republican Party Census Document

I've received this document on several occasions and each time I have the same emotional impulse to tear the thing up and an opposing emotional impulse to make some notes on it and send it back to them. They pay the postage. This has more »