Riding the Bus (Tyler Transit)

Last week I started riding the city bus again. I used to depend on the bus several decades ago when I lived in Iowa Illinois and California. In those places I could walk out the front door up to the next corner and wait a few minutes for a ride. At tha more »

Resume Work

Over a week ago I got my layoff notice at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler. I was one of 60 people selected for that privilege. Today I began the long process of updating my more »

Organized Web Design

This week I started updating a website for a local non-profit organization. The most important part of the project was studying the site and understanding how it is built. As I studied this site I learned a little about why it can be difficult for an amat more »

Diversified Business Services

Decades ago I started Diversified Business Services (DBS) and have used that to provide occasional consulting services to small businesses. In most cases I never charged for those services. In that time I have continued to develop expertise in a wide rang more »


I have heard people use the phrase "just in time" when describing supply or product acquisition. That phrase is actually a business "model" for inventory control or "supply chain management". JIT is one of many more »

The Rise and Fall of the Software Empire

As technology advances the community effort continues to erode the dominance of software developers. There are now very few software packages that do not have a shareware free or open-source solution for those that search for it from graphics to operat more »

George Washington Carver Day

Today we celebrate the life of a man that epitomizes a movement that improved the civil rights of millions of Americans not just the black people but all minorities. The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. stood up to the authorities in Alabama and accelerated more »