We Bought Software

In a town hall meeting at work yesterday there was a big announcement "We bought software". I don't even remember what it was for but it did have a special purpose. As I listened to the announcement of all the big plans I grinned. I find those kinds o more »

Dumber than Dirt

This month's Mensa newsletter includes an article by Mark Morford SF Gate Columnist where he writes about AMERICAN KIDS DUMBER THAN DIRT? wit more »

Pre-Holiday Thoughts

With the holiday fast approaching I'm working on our Christmas newsletter. If you are one of those types that sends out Christmas cards there is a site that may interest you. Children's Art more »

For Argument's Sake

Recently I started a dialogue with another believer on some doctrinal issues relating to a passage in Hebrews. See Popular Theology entries. In his second response he said that he did not believe that argument over the interpretation of Scripture edifies more »


One of the best software packages to come out in recent years is the Firefox browser. When IE 7 came out I did a comparison and Firefox did things that IE didn't and Firefox has progressed since then getting even farther out ahead. There are things tha more »

Popular Theology - 2

I talked about this a couple days ago and thought it appropriate to add a few more notes. Often we try to take the more »


There are many people that enjoy talking or being listened to. Then there are those that like to sit/stand/watch and Write. That would be me. A few years ago I contemplated life and love and wrote (and had pu more »