The Shepherd's Guide

The Shepherd's Guide is a Christian business directory for Tyler that just came out here. Most of the advertisers in it have signed that they have made professions of faith. From Attorneys to Wrecker Services everyone listed is hoping for more business more »

Popular Theology

I attended our mid-week Bible study this week and the discussion was on one of the more controversial passages in the New Testament. The passage wasn't so controversial except that it doesn't fit so well with the popular theology of the Baptist church na more »

Mute Math

The Mute Math website has this news note. Sept 19 2007 MUTEMATH Make TV History on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Tonight! MUTEMATH more »

Say the Prayer

If you have ever heard Billy Graham preach you have heard "the prayer". Sometime following the reformation evangelists and churches have adopted the use of a prayer that sinners can say in order to be saved. In fact as you search the Bible you will fi more »


This is something I mixed up to use some Manicotti shells that I had from a previous meal plan. It's manicotti stuffed with cheese and elbow macaroni and covered with a chunky sauce. This recipe is a little time consuming so you'll want to plan for it. more »

What's on your Bookshelf

Over the past few years I've wanted to find a way to organize my ever growing book library. Last week I stumbled across a tool that will really help. The Library Thing allows you to catalog your books on-line. If it was just something to type all the info more »

Computer Mania

Over the past few weeks I've been going to garage sales and finding some good deals in computers and parts including some $10 computers and even some $2 boxes (computer w/o peripherals). It appears that people are feeling their computers are getting old more »