Our work group enjoyed a lunch outing today (tomorrow actually) and one of the topics of discussion was how we have so much to do so much to write and so little time. We are compelled to live our lives by setting priorities with God first family next more »


A week after the Microsoft Launch of Windows Vista and I can only remember a couple of the new features on the latest PC OS. I did take notes though. When speaking of operating systems most users even power u more »

Vista meta data

I'm still musing over all of my Launch notes but since I only have a few minutes I thought I would start with a side note. Among the handful of neat/new things about Vista one of the best ideas presented in the Vista launch is the more »

On drugs in Dallas

I just returned from the Microsoft Office 2007 Launch in Dallas. I have notes for several entries on the Office system Vista and Microsoft in general. I'm going to take some time to process them though and want to just give my confession. While I was i more »

Access Cardfile

A few days ago I looked at a cardfile program and verbally wondered if it could be done in Access. Well yes and it's rather simple. Here's the steps I followed. 1. C more »

Stiff Competition

I've watched the computer business since its early beginnings in the early 1980's and computer values are at a peak. In the last few months I've enjoyed numerous betas trials some freebie software from giants like Microsoft and Adobe. And now in Dall more »

Quality Graphics

When speaking with non-designers about graphics it is often easy to forget how little they know about graphics. The most that most people know about graphics is the resolution. High resolution is good; low resolution is bad. more »