The New

The Tyler Morning Telegraph unveiled its new web site today and I obviously went straight to the computer to check it out. You will have to consider that I've visited their old site on numerous occasions. The new tyle more »

The Stock Market and Christians

Years ago the stock market was something for the wealthy to invest in. Today with much of American business going "public" most everyone has some kind of investment in the stock market. At every turn there's a philosophy about how to play the stock ma more »

Fist in a Bucket

I don't really remember when but at one of my places of employment I must have been contemplating some job change or something. When it became known I was given this advice. Put your fist in a bucket of wa more »

Walking Softly

There is a west African proverb that goes thus "Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far." You may remember a similar saying from one of our presidents. Theodore Roosevelt liked using this phrase and was recording as first quoting it more »


On numerous occasions I've heard talk show hosts and preachers proclaim that to not have insurance is to be morally irresponsible. I still don't believe it. Insurance is one of the biggest evils of our modern society. It is a worldly assurance of our ear more »

The Aisle Walkers

I've always liked starting religious exhortations with some mention of 1st century Christianity as if that it the purest form. Why change now? I was raised in a Baptist church and I wouldn't doubt that the clin more »

Survival Mode

Abundant Life. What does it mean? Most people live in survival mode. They have a lifestyle that controls them in so much that their decisions in life are made to preserve their lifestyle. more »