Texas Dictatorship

While the Texas legislature was considering a bill to vaccinate school girls for certain viruses our governor stepped in and issued an executive order making it law without lawmaker consideration. Our state our nation our localites and our world is inc more »

High Pass

There is a tool a filter actually in Photoshop that is useful for a number of things. Recently I've been experimenting and reading more about the High Pass filter. It is most useful for sharpening. Yet there are numerous ways it can be used. more »

Eating Your Cake

In the movie Rain Man when Raymond was asked if he wanted to stay with his brother Charlie or go back and live at the home he decisively insisted that he wanted to live with Charlie at the home. They asked him several times and got the same answer. Thou more »


"How much allowance do you get?" What? You mean how much money do I give my kids?" No. Don't you get an allowance?" You don't hear much about grown men and women gett more »

Confidentiality in Business

A Cloak for Corruption more »

Scrabble Word Lists

When I worked on my system and got the sound working I promptly went to ISC and played (and won) a game of Scrabble. Without sound it was easy to overlook when the opponent made a move and was waiting on you. Even though I won I really wished I knew mo more »

My Legacy

Legacies are now becoming even more difficult to build and maintain these days. Maintaining my legacy was what I did most of yesterday. I'm talking computers here not a philosophy or memory being passed down to subsequent generations. Legacies in compute more »