The Photoshop Mask

In preparation of our annual "Christmas" newsletter I used Photoshop frequently to get images ready for publication. One of the neatest non-destructive tools that is invaluable in wiping out backgrounds is th more »

It's about Jesus

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ and may have been established by the Catholic church in the 4th century. Although some aspects of Christmas may have roots in pagan philosophy Christmas is still primarily a recognition of the miracle of more »

InDesign Wrapping

While working on The Bell Chronicles annual newsletter I learned or was reminded about some things in InDesign CS2 that you might be interested in. 1. The Flag The first issue had to do wi more »


Several years ago there was a phenomenon in the business world called technophobia. While computer technology was advancing many businesses and people delayed buying computers or peripherals because they knew the price would soon be going down or new te more »

Back to Tyler

Going to Mississippi and back I learned and saw a lot of neat things. While there I learned a little more about our family heritage and our genealogy. My mother's side of the family has a long history in the area. One of the most interesting things I d more »

Get a map!

Before our trip I used to print out a map and directions. As a programmer I know the concepts of AI (artificial intelligence) that could be used to generate such maps. They usually do pretty good but in this one there seems to be some pers more »


Much of the world lives on generalization. If more of a group does a certain thing we say they all do. Or we say "much of the world" is that way. :) I'm not too sure how true it is but much of the media has po more »