The things that go through our minds are often blurred and confusing. You know and have probably experienced some kind of Dejavu but there is a mind altering experience that is a bit simpler but very powerful memory. more »

Farkel (aka Farkle)

We learned a new game over Thanksgiving holiday farkel. It must be a new game to Tyler Texas. The day after we were in a restaurant and overheard a family talking about their farkel games. It is a simple game o more »

Cookie Time

As if you didn't have enough to do for Christmas it's now time for Food Network's annual publication of the 12 days of Cookies. This is one of several Food Network newsletters you can sign up for on more »


You have to be against capital punishment but support abortion on demand.You have to believe that businesses create oppression and governments create prosperity. You have to believ more »


What's in a name? Or a title? Today I was considering how amusing it is that a person's title is so often not characteristic of what he does. My work title for example is Offset Press Operator although I spend most of my time doin more »

Nino and Gigo (from IT 101)

Nino and Gigo are a couple of concepts in Information Technology that often seem to be ignored. Nino is "nothing in nothing out" and his famous cousin Gigo is "garbage in garbage out". The field of IT is const more »

Pearls and Swine

One of the most interesting passages spoken by Jesus was in the beginning of Matthew's gospel a part of the sermon on the mount. Give not that which is holy unto the dogs neither cast your pearls before s more »