I am a familyist

Among many politically savvy people being a racist or sexist is tantamount to committing the cardinal sin. We have been trained this way since the 60's so if you're under 40 and attended public institutions of learning you have likely been fully indoc more »


If you watch the Animal Planet you have no doubt seen programs where the survival of various animals is tracked and evaluated in the light of their predators. It is a vicious world in the Animal Kingdom. It is also a vicious world among humanity. more »

Power of Babel

I've been involved with computer and networking technology since the 80's and the one thing that amazes me is how much of the problems we have with them are the result of programmers writing in code that makes the systems more powerful but with less con more »

Gift Cards

We watched the telly over thanksgiving and Christmas commercials were all over. This year McDonald's is going strong with the promo of their gift card the Arch card. It's hard to find a company that doesn't offer some kind of gift card or a shopper that more »


I was quite content to use my name as the name of the my blog but with people asking what my blog is called I guess I need a name. Writers of fiction and poetry occasionally have episodes of writer's block whe more »

The Collector

I confess. Although I may seem normal I really am a obsessive glutton in several ways. I'm a pack rat and a collector of many things it seems. For one I have several chess sets stashed away in the garage in case I might need them or someone else might. more »


A week or so ago I called a company (Presstek) and asked them to send me some prices for some of the equipment they sold. Today I got a letter brochure and note to call if I needed more information. Still no prices. For some odd reason many companies do more »