Sunday Morning

There are a lot of Christian traditions that the modern church has inherited that have been altered through history. One of our traditions Good Friday comes from a polluted view of the actual history of Christ's death and resurrection. Christ died on a more »

Search Engine Ramblings

I've had my current collection of web sites up for about a year now. I haven't publicized them much and already they are showing up on most search engines. I've used searches like tyler web sites tyler forums dana bell and get first page results. I eve more »

Home School Radicals

You might think the title says how I feel about home schooling but you would be wrong. I'm an avid proponent of home schooling and parents' right (or responsibility) to home school. You might think that to be radical but it is a lot more natural than se more »

Photo Contest

I discovered a new photo contest web site. If you enjoy amateur (competitive) photography then you might want to check out the photo contests at The name of the site is Canon SLR Challenges and the challenges are host more »

Happy Anniversary to Me

Happy Anniversary to Me the Blog. Relationships are always somewhat special and as they grow we often celebrate anniversaries. This is one of those. We met one month ago today. That was when I first started th more »

Sharpening Iron

If you've wondered if conflict is good this biblical quote should settle it. As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another. You can see it every week i more »


The local Mensa chapter graciously sends me the email version of their newsletter and I scan through it every month. Along with local and regional news one of the things that fills the local Mensa newsletter is stock market speculation. Another thing th more »