How to Make Good Pictures

"There is a new fascination to amateur photography. Pictures that but a few years ago would not have been attempted are now easy snapshots." That was written in the early 1940's in a book published by Eastman more »


Going to the movies is generally a good escape although I have grown more and more indifferent to the movies and video entertainment in general. I suppose much of it is my fault. Having been a writer and student of writing I've learned most of the basic more »

Spreadsheet Mania

One of the things that always baffles me at work is the amount of time that is spent entering and re-entering data into the computer to create a report. The way that reports are generally formatted the data in them aren't generally re-useable without bei more »

What you know

This subject is probably too complex for the time and space I have for today's entry but this may be some food for thought. When I started to write on this subject I remembered some things I composed ten years ago... more »

Book Fair

Tomorrow is the first day of the Fall book fair. The book fair that I'm talking about is where you can purchase used books at a fraction of the cost. The Smith County Medical Society Alliance sponsors the sale and proceeds go to provide scholarships for s more »


Cell phones. What's the deal? For fifty bucks and up a month you can have a cell phone and never worry about having someone around when you need them. Cell phones do have a purpose but the craze with cell pho more »

Just about me

Being monday and all I thought I would take a break from my usual commentary (or criticism) for the blog and say a few words about me and what I do. By "what I do" I don't mean what I do for a living but what I do after work. I guess you could say this more »