This section is under construction. I am at the very beginning of a rewrite of my resume/CV, the first in about 15 years (or 50 Internet years).


Please see the original resume or read my blog for more information about me and my endeavors.


Web Projects

This is a short list of web projects I have developed at work, home, or as part of my education.


Web Pages and Applications

My web design interest began in 1995 when I developed my personal, Home on the Web web site in 1995. It was a static site that added a webpage maker written in perl that allowed user to create their own pages, and a community link list, both maintained in a custom database. The site received a few recognitions and in February 1996, it was selected as the first winner in Gower.Net's web page contest. Since then, I've developed and maintained several static websites and components (form pages), and dynamic websites under PHP and ASP.NET.

I have screen shots of a few sites that I've developed. Click a site in the list to the left to visit if still on-line, or hover for a preview. Candlestick Jack is a design sample that uses candle images from the website. {1994 - 2016}

Tyler Web

Dynamic website database

Tyler Web Sites was a compilation of about 1000 websites in Tyler. It is a PHP/MySQL database, that can be queried from the search options, and updated on-line. The site database was developed offline in Microsoft Access, converted and uploaded to the site's MySQL database.

Patriot Talon

Newspaper site redesign and migration

My Computer Information Systems internship project was to convert the Patriot Talon's existing Wordpress newspaper website to a more robust website using Prosepoint, a Drupal based content management system which the student staff was able to manage. Most of the time actual spent involved migrating existing articles from Wordpress, using SQL and other forms of content manipulation. I also served as web editor shortly afterward.

Related Projects

Some past projects are similar to websites in that they involve HTML, CSS, or Javascript incorporation, or HTML conversion

Webpage Maker

In the early days, developed a perl script that enabled others to create and manage websites from a set of templates. A similar script enabled users to create and manage profiles, and post messages on a reunion site.

Conversions and HTML Support

Development of a DOS program to convert Morning Star magazine files to HTML format.

(Echobase) Also, current versions of Echobase software can also create HTML files from the database as a command-line option.


Using basic HTML technology, I have also developed numerous compiled HTML Help files, such as the help file for Inventory Manager.


Designed, created, and published the book Education Tax Credits using SIGIL and other HTML/CSS resources.

Javascript enabled PDF files

Scripted PDF files with Javascript to calculate amounts based on entries. AOTC Worksheet, ACA Affordability.