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The following are some programs I've written. You can get some of them through the web page links here and on other web pages at http://www.saltatoria.com/dbell. Except for the Microsoft Access databases at the top, they are old DOS programs. (August 3, 2006)
Education Credit Resources
Inventory Manager
Inventory Manager is the third generation of Microsoft Access databases based on Pressroom Manager. Inventory Manager is designed to aid in three areas: Inventory Control, Chemical Inventory and the annual Physical Inventory.
Pressroom Manager
Pressroom Manager is the database being used to manage the jobs, inventory and other things for the pressroom at UTHCT. The backend file (Pressroom Manager) and Allocations must be relinked to Pressroom Manager Front End . Supplementary databases (TPM Annex, TPM Publishing) also include physical inventory and publishing options.
Forms Manager
Forms Manager is the database being used to manager the stock forms inventory. The backend file (Forms Database) must be relinked to Forms Manager.
ECHOBASE is an echolist publishing and database management program. This program will allow you to create and maintain your own database of echoes from which you can list, publish and distribute lists throughout your network. It's only useable in FTSC standard networks. It can also be configured to allow netmail updates and queries of the list, and forward all updates to another site. Latest version November 2003.
ECHOMOD will allow moderators or appropriate messengers for the echolist, to maintain their own database of echoes from which they can automatically submit updates to either ECHOBASE or the FidoNet-based ELIST. Options are included that allow you to browse the database as well as the EList, Submit updates, Post files or a conference, and Set up an automated update/forwarding system. ANSI.SYS is NOT required but (so far) ECHOMOD uses FD style messages.
ECHOVIEW is the read-only version of the ECHOBASE set. Options are included that allow you to browse the database as well as the EList. Most of the display options available in the other ECHOBASE programs are available here.
SWIFTBBS is a simple and small bulletin board system program, with support for internal and custom menus. If you know a bit about programming, SwiftBBS' questionnaire command files can also be used to control access and navigation.With SwiftBBS you can even designate a custom main menu for each user, and for new users at the same site (families) to logon without having to hang up. The menu system allows the system operator to define the use and parameters of a hundred or so separate functions, including linking of menus. The documentation for SwiftBBS includes a general manual, reference manual and an application manual of suggestions on how to set-up and use SwiftBBS.
DOS executable program to convert Morning Star files to HTML.
Source for HTMSTAR.EXE.
"More FSetup": Stream based setup program for FMail. Needed to configure a large number of areas without DPMI. (not refined - used as a quick fix)
Miscellaneous utilities, conversion for FMail.
Documentation for MFSETUP.EXE and MFTOOLS.EXE. This is a text file, not a Microsoft Word file.
ELO Chess rating calculation utility.
Documentation for RTNGCALC.EXE. This is a text file, not a Microsoft Word file.

Dana Bell November 26, 2001


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