Dana Bell


These are some of my many interests, and not listed in any priority. Some of them are interests that could also become employment opportunities, though I suspect I would use a combination of them in any position I take. Those interests that don't come with a new job can still be pursued personally.

We can't do everything, but it is my belief that we should not allow artificial limitations control our ability to work in more than one area at a time. As in life, if you don't limit yourself, one thing leads to another until you have a lifestyle and workstyle with richness and tremendous growth potential. With adequate planning and scheduling, I can do accounting, work with computers, and take up photography... and enjoy all three.

To assist clients and business management with accounting, tax preparation and planning, and relevant business consulting services while working toward CPA certification.

management consulting
To assist in the troubleshooting of business and technical problems, and develop effective project plans for local businesses.

database programmer
To design and develop database systems with Access, MySQL and MS SQL databases.

inventory control / materials management
To develop and/or maintain an accurate inventory control system with analysis that also assists management and accounting with the information needed to manage their business.

web designer
To plan and design websites and coordinate the development of applications in php/MySQL using Dreamweaver and other development environments.

graphic designer
To work in the editing and design of graphics, publications and print media using a variety of applications including Abobe InDesign, Photoshop, QuarkXpress, and Illustrator.

computer programmer
To develop PC software and documentation using C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, Java, or other languages.

pc software support specialist
To provide software support for users in the use of Microsoft Office and other applications under Windows and other operating systems.


   • Accounting & Management
   • Information Technology
   • Web Technology
   • Graphic Design
   • Graphic Arts
   • Other

   • Accounting Projects
   • Database Projects
   • Programming Projects
   • Web Projects
   • Graphic Design Projects

   • Photography
   • Scrabble
   • Disc Golf
   • BBS
   • Chess




   • Resumes
   • Databases
   • Graphic Design


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Last Update: May 6, 2016