Bob's Golf Discs

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In the early days, the only source of golf discs were in places like Dallas, Shreveport or on-line. That was when I decided to make them available and started the business Bob's Golf Discs. I sold discs from the back of my car, and later my van. In the beginning, I sold them for $7.00 new ($6.50 plus tax). That's compared to the retail price of $8.99. Since then, there has been many modifications to the discs, the plastic and the costs.

Since there were other local places that started to sell golf discs, I quit the business about three years ago (2004). Now discs are sold by Racquet and Jog in Tyler, and have been sold in one or two other stores. I still have a supply of about 500 discs and will either donate them to a worthy cause or sell them all to another vendor (or collector).

Why Bob?

If you are wondering who Bob is, here's the story. When you are playing with a group of playing, the order of play is based on the previous hole. The one with the best score throws first; the worst score throws last. That last person to play may be considered "bottom of the box", or "back of the box", or "Bob". Since I was quite often that last person, I decided to use that name.

Buying Discs

The one unfortunate thing about buying discs at a store is most of them don't know anything about discs. Beginners, for example, will need a different disc. Chances are you'll also find other players on the course that can advise you on what to get.

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