This is a list of the individual searches available in Hoot.

Predefined Lists

Beginners - Shortcut lists for Scrabble beginners (Predefined Lists)

Vowel Heavy - List of words with lots of vowels

Double I - Words with two I's

Double U - Words with two U's

No Vowel - List of words with no vowels

Consonant Dumps - List of words with lots of consonants

Q not U - List of words containing a Q, but not a U

Palindromes - List of words spelled the same frontward and backward.

High Plays - An assortment of searches using high value tiles.

French - Beginner lists tailored to French players

Combination Search

Combination - Single screen access to multiple searches

Letter Count - Lists by number of letters in the word. Can filter by initial letter

Contains Letters - Lists that contain any of the letters entered

Contains All Letters - Lists that contain all of the letters entered

Begins/Ends - List of words beginning or ending with a certain letter, prefix or suffix. Select from list or enter in box.

Anagrams - List of words that can be made by rearranging letters in the search term

Sub Anagrams - List of words formed by using letters in the search term

Super Anagrams - List of words formed by using all the letters in the search term, and adding other letters

Blank Anagrams - Superanagrams with only one additional letter

Hooks - List of words that can be formed by adding a letter to the front or back of a word

Anagram Hooks - List of words that can be formed by rearranging the letters in the search and adding a hook letter

Extensions - List of words that contain a certain word

SubWords - List of words found within a given word

Transpositions - List of words where two letters have been swapped to form a new word

Misspells - List of words where the term matches for all but one letter

Pattern - List of words that match a certain pattern

Compound - List of words formed from two other words of equal length

Compound Anagram - List of words formed by search term and found anagram

Inserts - List of words form by insert search term between two valid words

Alternate Endings - List of words that take an alternate ending (Y, IER)

Probability - List of words with minimum probability selected (Query)

Optimum Playability - List of words with minimum optimum playability selected (Query)

Conjugate (fr) - List of words from a French ER, IR, RE conjugation


Search options allowing specification of up to 8 lines of criteria, including search options above.

Other Search Options

Subject Lists - Custom lists or various subjects

Text File Lists - Custom lists saved in a text file.

Letter Studies - Searches based on a specific letter

Stems - List of words that can be rearranged after adding a letter to form several other words.

Front and Back - Searches that return two sets of results, such as front and back hooks, extensions, or parallel plays.

Word Judge - Judges word(s) for valid play

Compare Lexicons - Though not in the standard list of searches, you can also search for words comparing two lexicons. That's available in the Settings > List Tools.