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Non-fact Truth

From: Matthew K.

Very interesting article. Although I think you really miss the point of a lot of Catholic teaching.

Are you Catholic? When Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for their hypocrisy, they became angry and eventually plotted against Him. They knew better but pride had gotten such a hold on them that they ignored all reason. They ignored God. Was it possible that they could be wrong? Do you think it's impossible for you or your church to be wrong. Are you ignoring reason? Are you ignoring God? Do you care, or is it a faith of ignorance in your life too?

The Pharisees had also used their faith as a shield while they continued in their sins. Thinking that immorality was all that they had to worry about, they continued to do other kinds of dishonest and unjust things. Jesus knew. God, well, He's God. He knew. Have you used your faith as a shield as you continue to do all kinds of evil and injustice towards others? Jesus knows. God, well, He's God. He knows.

Interesting how you just peg this on the Catholics, as I think it could apply to any Christian religion. After all, they are all very different, despite the obvious. I am Catholic and I very much believe in my faith. I have read the bible many times as well, and very much agree with the Catholic teaching. I realize that many others do not, and I respect their opinions. You do not, however, give any real evidence that Catholicism is wrong, you merely state that it does not coincide with the Bible, you don't always say how.

Food for thought. The Bible was written from an eastern point of view, a non-fact based point of view. I think that is very important to keep in mind when reading the Bible.



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