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Catholicism & Ignorance

About five years ago I wrote a short piece on Catholicism and Ignorance. These are some of the responses I've gotten to it.

From: "robby griffith"
Subject: idiot!

what a complete idiot you MUST be. baptist...right?

From: (George Mai)
Subject: Re: Your hypocritical self righteousness

Are you really calling yourself saint or is that supposed to be irony, some of that playing the " devil's advocate ? " Believe me I have no need to engage you in a predictably futile exchange concerning scripture or theology in general , but I am not afraid of being "blown away" by your brilliance. Your Devil is represented as an angel of light is he not? And I would suggest he has advocates enough already.The words ascribed to Jesus are frequently self- contradictory, perplexing, and I believe one can find in them what one seeks - a Good Shepherd, Prince of Peace, or as you point out, the Holy Destroyer, mocking the hopeful who long for unity and peace on Earth, here, now; people like me. Lover or Judge, the choice is ours, and the choice reveals the heart. When I pray it is for an open heart and an open mind, a heart open to all and a mind unfettered by dogma. What do you pray for Dana?

From: Clark H Smith / DFCC
Subject: your site

I was surfing around for anti-Catholic stuff and hit your wave. Excellent site Dana!

I bookmarked the Global Citizenship paper. Looks fascinating. (We are homeschoolers - because of educational needs of our kids not really because we're afraid of public schools, see ) More importantly I am preaching this weekend on Nearby and Faraway Gods (Joshua 24.14-15 and Exodus 34.14-16). My thesis is that while we would never worship say, Tanemahuta (a Polynesian forest god), our kids will be challenged to worship the creature over the Creator, to believe that trees have "rights", and so on. It looks like this paper will really load me up.

Keep up the tremendous work, and keep standing firm in the faith.

From: Mary Griffin

Catholicism is the only religion that will lead humanity to heaven. Read It sounds like anyone who was baptized since 1958 needs to be rebaptized. I sent a couple e-mails to the new pope. Pope John Paul is actually a freemason which means he is a follower of Satan/Lucifer. He is a heretic. Prayer, fasing, saying the rosary will help lead us into heaven along with repentance of our sins and the sacraments. God's graces and mercy are given through the Sacraments. The Sacraments are not useless. People have been criticizing the Catholic Church, but this is because God allowed Satan and his followers to rule the Vatican to test us. I have been doing a lot of research and hopefully will find my way to salvation. Have a good day and God Bless you.

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