Radical Christianity

While we are here, we must make our life one that is meaningful from an eternal perspective. Make our relationship with God.... Remember God's principles for living ... We are on a mission... TIPS

  1. Recognize that our problem is partly one of loneliness. Recreation and possessions can't fill the void left by not relating with others on a personal level. Other problems... Individualized worlds. Other problems... insensitive to individual and personal needs.
  2. Recognize that the one person who can best meet our need for relationships is God.
  3. Recognize and deal with our self-centered attitude. Other problems... Lack of thankfulness. Self-centered..
  4. Recognize that the world in which we live is primarily one that is enmity with God. The things we've been indoctrinated with throughout life are meant to make us worldly. Source... We are/have been trained in worldliness.
  5. Recognize - We need love. We need to show love.

This is this life. The grocery cart isn't me. It's just what I use to hold stuff until I leave the store. My life and circumstances aren't me either. I'm just using them to hold my necessities until I get out of this life. For the atheistic and the unbeliever, this is all that life consists of and it's what they get used to. They have no problem saying this life is the pits... or even more graphically, this is hell. And, even many believers have this same distorted view of all of life.

like a grocery store visit.

Life is short...

And, we do indeed have so many choices. But our very nature demands a level of satisfaction that goes beyond the physical needs. As a relational being we have the need to relate with others; and most of all, the need to relate with our Creator.

Radical Christianity


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