My name is Dana Bell and this is an accumulation of blog entries I have made over the past few years. The latest articles are mostly related to accounting, tax accounting, and business. Earlier articles were primarily computer related or personal opinions about religion and politics.

Although the blog entries here do not represent a complete collection of my writings, I will post older material as I come across it. One set of prior writings I'll include someday explains how to use personal computers. They were written before the existence of Microsoft Windows, and although they may not be that useful to users today, a few of them were the only ones that I had published in a national magazine.

As you might guess I enjoy writing of  all types, from blog entries to manuals for software I've developed. Yes, I write software. Although I prefer to be coherent, concise, and convincing, often I don't have the time for it. As time permits, I'll keep trying.

I do have college degrees from UT Tyler in Computer Information Systems and Accounting and am focused on tax accounting. I'm also an Enrolled Agent which is someone who has expertise and tax preparation. While I am not working I am volunteering as a tax preparer and quality reviewer at VITA and Tax-Aide.

I have separate websites devoted to myself and my resume so I will only refer you to this list of personal pages I've amassed over two decades of Internet interaction. Many of them may be stale by the time you look at them.

Personal website
Linked In
Twitter (@dbell154)
IT Toolbox
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