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Welcome to my web log. This blog is a consolidation of other blogs I've had in the past. In this one, however, I'm taking a more organized approach, by attempting to segregate personal and professional comments.

This doesn't include articles and papers I've written, or to poetry and fiction that I've written under an assumed name. Someday I'm sure I'll have links to those other writings.

How Do You Measure Your Life?

Last month I celebrated my 64th birthday.  That was also my 26th, as well 43rd, and 82nd. Someone suggested it was a powerful birthday.  Besides using powers to count the years,  you could also use different number bases, in which case it was my 100th… more »

Images in b2evolution

Many years ago I started using b2evolution for my blog even though it was not the most popular platform. I'm still using it. Although it is complex, it gives me options that don't exist in other platforms. Now that it has expanded to include other types… more »

Switched Keys Site Conversion

Tyler Hosting, the account that hosts Switched Keys has changed providers. We are now on InMotion Hosting. Along with the change, the blog has been updated to the latest version of b2evolution. While the conversion seemed seamless, if you see any issues… more »

Cool Searches in Hoot

The latest version of Hoot has some cool search options. Hoot is one of many study tools you can use to study words for Scrabble™ and other word games. It's a free PC tool with a lot of standard search options that can help you increase your word… more »


Last month Google began implementing another change in their algorithms, but unlike the other changes we know precisely what is changing. On April 21, they began giving higher ratings to websites that are mobile-friendly… more »

VITA: Day One

Wednesday was our first day of VITA locally. Taxpayers came in at a steady, but not fractic, pace. The slightly earlier opening of the program will help smooth out the demand for the first three weeks. As always there were a few unusual or new issues.… more »

Site Year in Review

While I have been blogging for several years now, and writing for many, many years before, 2014 was one of my most consistent years. The challenging thing about continuously posting new content is that I don't write just to be noticed. While I enjoy… more »
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